29 July 2009 @ 01:20 pm
I tend to forget about things. Lots of things. And then I come back to them months later and go "oh yeah" as if the thought of forgetting them was a foreign idea to me. But, such is the problem with my lovely little live journal here. I have updated in months (we're borderline going on years in Internet time) and, even though I log into live journal daily, the thought of updating this bad-boy never crossed my mind. There it is. The truth. I just didn't feel like it.

My last entry was in March (I honestly just looked it up because I didn't remember) when I was having boy drama. It's since subsided, and we still work together. We're not awkward as much any more but since we both harbor really deep secrets about one another we do each other favors. It's like our own way of saying "you're not telling anyone so you're being rewarded with this little act of kindness". To be honest, I'm more on the receiving end of this than I am on the delivering. However, this is becoming slightly more noticeable seeing as when I want something done he's here practically instantaneously but if my co-worker (who actually works in the same office as me) asks for it this dear boy takes his sweet-ass time. Fantastic. However, I'm glad we still talk. For a while there we stopped talking altogether and I missed having mindless chats with him. So, yay. I guess. There are other issues that arose between then and now but for the most part we are golden.

In other news, summer is a fantastic season. I love it. I love being outside, I love the warm weather, I love the fact that my car doesn't break down and then I'm stuck in frigid temperatures sans functioning vehicle. But problems like that should occur no more as I bought a new car. Brand spanking new, 2009 Toyota Yaris in red. I love it dearly. I've named it Eugene. That's right, a geeky name for my awesome car. I love it, I'm glad I bought it, and I'm hoping I will be able to enjoy it for years to come. My 1997 Ford Taurus gave many good road trips, it lived a long and eventful life and I will never forget it. We shared the good times and the bad but it was time to move on. And we parted ways and carried on. I'm sure now it will be salvaged for parts or sold at auction or something similar. Many good years, my friend, many good years. May you live long and prosper. (I cannot believe I just quoted that.)

Lollapalooza is right around the corner and I have a three day pass. Additionally, first real road trip for me and Eugene. Sure, driving around the state counts but I decided it didn't so what up Chicago! Three days of non-stop concerts are going to be awesome. I'm thrilled, I'm excited and I'm an alchie and have a booze fund. (I so wish I was kidding.) So many bands to see! I hope I get to see all the ones I was hoping for. It's going to be great. Awesome. Fantastic. I wish I could truly express how excited I am right now.

I'm also super excited about The Rock Boat this January. First time I get to see a palm tree, first time in Florida, first time on a many firsts! It'll be great. Warm temperatures, the high seas (bear with me), and concerts. It's like an all-inclusive (sans booze) awesome package. Post Lollapalooza I'm creating an additional booze fund. My priorities are in the right places, don't judge me. No but really, it'll be great. Also, it will be a nice way to break up the frigid temperatures of Wisconsin in winter. I consider it a win-win.

Weddings galore this fine summer. It still strikes me as odd that people my age are getting married. I understand that this is relatively common (and by relatively I mean very) and that I shouldn't feel so strange about it but I don't see marriage in my future. I don't mean this as a negative statement, I'm not searching for pity or anything, I just really don't believe in that kind of love. Maybe, when I find that person I'll feel differently but as of right now seeing my friends and co-workers getting married is weird to me. I'm insanely happy for each and every one of them and I have no problems sending my blessings but I still find it weird. Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way. That being said, I enjoy going to weddings and the weddings that I've gone to this year (this season won't be over until September for me) and I wish all of the couples the best.

I have naught much else to share. I should probably post some photos soon. Or maybe something a bit more frequently than what I'm rocking right now. Either way, to whomever reads this, I hope this finds you well and that you're enjoying the rest of your summer (unless you're in the Southern hemisphere where I hope you're enjoying the rest of your winter).
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07 February 2009 @ 08:34 pm
Okay, so I've added a few more this go-around for my television discussion. It's the way I am.

How I Met Your MotherCollapse )

LOSTCollapse )

SupernaturalCollapse )

BonesCollapse )

Gosh, that took longer than anticipated. And one of these days I have to catch up on this season of Psych. I've missed a bunch. :-/
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29 January 2009 @ 06:23 pm
For those of you keeping track, I don't have a television. So when I'm watching a show in "present time" it's usually a few hours (sometimes a day) behind everyone else. Most of the time, I don't really care. I usually end up marathon-ing shows I haven't seen for some time for whatever reason anyway...or even waiting for the DVD to come out and then just making a weekend of it...or something. LOST, however, is not that way.

The problem is, I know way too many people who actually watch LOST. So when I'm a day behind I have to put my fingers in my ears and go "la la la la la" because trust me, you need to actually discuss LOST with someone otherwise you'll go crazy.

I don't torrent, fyi, but I do wait for it to be posted on the ~interwebs~. And it generally is up around midnight. Which would be great but I want to be 100% awake for watching LOST. That is to say that I wait until the following evening (ie now) to watch the show in it's entirety. Throughout the day I combat those who want to talk to me about it (many of whom I have gotten hooked) and tell them "let's talk Friday". Unfortunately, in doing so, it tends to be around a pool table at a bar because my life just rolls that way. And you really can't pass up free nachos and three drinks for the price of one.

Now that I've explained this rather lackluster story...let's talk about LOST.

Wait for it...Collapse )
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28 January 2009 @ 09:22 am
Welcome to Generation Kill. An HBO 7-Part Mini-Series about the First Reconnaissance Marines that went into Iraq back in 2003. I'm banking on you never hearing of this show, due to the fact that HBO did a shotty job of promoting it. However, if you're going to have a war least allow it to be pretty...and, frankly this one is.

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28 January 2009 @ 09:14 am
Here's the deal. I loathe cold. I know, I know, this comes as a fountain of surprise because let's face it, I live in the North, I'm practically in Canada, and we have more cold season than anything else. So, met with this information you will find that winter is the time for me to...fangirl over things. I marathon shows, I watch countless movies, and, on top of that, I rarely sleep so really I've got a lot of nocturnal time...for me.

Because of this, be aware that I will be talking about shows. I don't update this journal much anyway at least it will give you something to read. Besides, what is more fun than looking at pretty pictures amidst lengthy, sometimes snarky, text? Not much. And since that I am presently on top of every show I generally watch (which I rare because I don't have cable or even an I'm not kidding and I'm broke but who isn't these days) most of things I'm talking about didn't happen twelve months ago. However, some of them did.

I'll warn you ahead of time when it's a post of television show/movie noting not to confuse you with my rare posts regarding me. So there's that. Furthermore, no, I don't really belong to any fandoms so this is really for my own pure enjoyment and getting you to watch some of the shows I watch because let's face it, playing outside in the sub-arctic temperatures...not so much fun.

Be advised. It's coming soon.
28 January 2009 @ 09:13 am
Empire Magazine has revealed its list of the 50 Greatest TV Shows ever, so LJ has a TV meme
1. Bold the shows you watch/used to watch.
2. Italic the shows you've seen at least one episode of.
3. Post your answers.

A sign that I do, in fact, watch way too much TVCollapse )
So let us mark this day with remembrance, of who we are and how far we have traveled. In the year of America's birth, in the coldest of months, a small band of patriots huddled by dying campfires on the shores of an icy river. The capital was abandoned. The enemy was advancing. The snow was stained with blood. At a moment when the outcome of our revolution was most in doubt, the father of our nation ordered these words be read to the people:

"Let it be told to the future world ... that in the depth of winter, when nothing but hope and virtue could survive...that the city and the country, alarmed at one common danger, came forth to meet [it]."

America, in the face of our common dangers, in this winter of our hardship, let us remember these timeless words. With hope and virtue, let us brave once more the icy currents, and endure what storms may come. Let it be said by our children's children that when we were tested we refused to let this journey end, that we did not turn back nor did we falter; and with eyes fixed on the horizon and God's grace upon us, we carried forth that great gift of freedom and delivered it safely to future generations.

Thank you, Mr. President.

In other news, Senator Ted Kennedy collapsed during the Inauguration luncheon. My thoughts are with him to make a swift recovery from the seizure he is said to have had.
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21 December 2008 @ 06:51 pm
Per usual, my lack of updates means that most of this year is lost in the ether. Oh well. It was a mixed year, and as it closes I've never felt such turmoil. I'm really, really mixed. And I'm feeling rather down. Considering that Christmas is my favorite holiday this is somewhat upsetting. As I sit here, alone, in my parents home with Christmas lights on emanating a Christmas spirit I don't share, I felt like updating everyone. Just for the sake of needing to talk to someone.

For those of you who are unaware, my father was in the hospital on December 4th, with a more serious follow up visit on December 18th. The first operation was simple, he was in the hospital overnight and then sent home. However, the most recent hospital visit was getting rid of an aneurysm that formed near his kidney, meaning they had to open up his stomach and operate. After two days in ICU he's now in a normal hospital room. Unfortunately, he continues to get high fevers in the middle of the night causing some concern with all of the doctors. They are still uncertain whether or not he will be in the hospital on Christmas.

My car had some issues recently. Up until December 16th I was suffering through the frigid temperatures of Wisconsin. I'm pretty sure that every force that could have gone against me for getting this car fixed also vocalized itself. However, it now works like never before. I swear it's almost a sauna. Now I can go back to my original game plan of getting a new car this summer. Yes, yes.

Alicia, a friend of mine, graduated from Nursing School on the 13th of this month. I knew quite a few people in this mid-year ceremony to be frank. Bow, Dean, Nikki, Sally, Kristen, and a myriad of other faces but not names that I know graduated. It's weird. And it's becoming harder and harder for me to stay in Oshkosh. If it wasn't for some of the friends I've made recently I'd be gone. They're not so much holding me back, as encouraging me to do so in an organized manner. That sounds really dumb. Essentially, they just want me to continue looking but also don't want payments to get behind. Specifically, loans.

I haven't been online in days. I spend all day in the hospital, and then all night trying to fix up my parent's house for Christmas. This would have been considerably easier if some of their pipes hadn't frozen and caused a mini-flood in their bedroom, the back hallway and bathroom, as well as the basement. So really, I've been trying to keep the entire house afloat. My mother worked today so I drove to see my dad for most of the day and then headed back to their house early to surprise her with a clean home(I dusted, vacuumed, cleaned etc) but she has yet to return home. Their bedroom is still in disarray but is finally dry. The back hallway and bathroom, as well as the basement are essentially back to normal. But I don't even know where to begin in their bedroom and I figure I'll just do it incorrectly anyway. Anyway, I feel like I'm really disconnected from the world right now. This is the first time I've had alone in just under a week and I missed it. But at the same time, I feel bad for not being with my dad. I'll never win. My only connection to the world has been through text messaging or phone calls the last few days. Needless to say, I'm sure much has happened that I'm unaware of.

Seeing as I doubt I'll update again before the new year I wish all the best to you and yours. Have an enjoyable new year. I really do wish each and everyone one of you the best of holiday seasons.
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04 November 2008 @ 10:58 am

If you want some swag for being awesome and voting I know that Starbucks is giving away free coffee, Krispy Kreme is giving away free doughnuts, Ben and Jerry's is giving away free ice cream, some awesome place in Florida is giving away free beer (no joke), and there are more so Google it up my friends because it's awesome.

In the end: Decisions are made by those who show up. I might not agree with who you vote for but I'm going to defend to the death your right to do so.

So please get out and ROCK THE VOTE!
17 October 2008 @ 10:56 am
...I haven't updated in ages. So, here we go. Be prepared.

So, I'm semi-taking a class. And by semi I mean the professor gave me all of the materials and discusses it with me if I so desire and provides me with notes. So, I'm take a free class more or less. Bible as Literature if you're wondering and it's super exciting. It's a lot of reading but it's super interesting so I consider it a winning combination.

For anyone wondering about my job hunt the answer is abysmal. Considering I just got a raise and I'm filing for a reclassification which would move me up two pay grades I figure for right now this works. The more money I can save the less I need a job instantly when I decide to move. That is to say that right now my goal is saving money. And with the economy as such I figure saving is a good choice anyway. Besides, I have a car that needs an oil change, some eyes that need to visit an optometrist, and other various medical issues. Fun.

My father's condition continues to vary. On Monday he goes in surgery for an aneurysm near his kidney. It's getting harder and harder to deal with. His medical issues started out rather sporadically and now they're becoming more and more frequent. And while I thank my father for being overtly optimistic and sarcastic all the time it gets frustrating sometimes. Hearing it from my dad was hard, especially when he held off telling me because he knew I was going out on the day he found out. He didn't want to ruin my night. It's just weird. I really don't view my father as all that old, and he's not that old. But...yeah. In similar news, I actually talked to my brother about it and, oddly enough, I think I have a brother. For those of you who are new, my brother and I don't really have what you could call a relationship. We're eight years apart in age and he moved out of my parents house when I was ten. We never have really spoken to each other, and thus while we are physically siblings we acted more like people who occasionally saw one another. Well, that seems to be changing as we talked about my dad, and life, and what would happen if he didn't make it through and so on and so forth. The entire time all I could think about was the fact that I was talking to my brother and it just struck me as very odd. I'm thankful for it though. Talking to my dad about this is impossible, and my mom won't either. In fact, my family doesn't talk about emotions it was nice to talk to Bob about it. Albeit briefly.

Let's cheer this entry up a bit, my Uncle John proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Nancy and she said yes. This wouldn't cheer up the entry if she didn't I suppose. I quite excited as I like Nancy. So I have that to look forward too.

I've been invited to two different Halloween parties in two different cities. That's never happened before. Now I'm torn on which one to go too. I'm going to let someone down, which I really don't want to do. And let's not talk about my lack of costume unless I use the one I wore last year. Speaking of last year can someone help me find this guy again because...well, look at him!? Good times.

I've been hanging out with the boys from Academic Computing quite a bit. Being the only girl within ten (often more) guys is weird. The advantage is that they never let me pay and they're all pretty much amazing. I think we're all going out tonight after work. I'm strangely looking forward to it. I know a bunch of other people are showing up to this shindig as well so it's going to be tons of people. I'm hoping I'm not the only girl again...just because it's weird and then whenever a girl shows up at the bar I get the evil glare. Really, chicka, most of these guys are married or engaged...I'm not special or anything. And most of them are ex-military so they drink...lots, so I feel like I drink nothing next to this bunch.

I'll be in Milwaukee this weekend for the SK6ers. Next weekend I'm probably going to go see Of Montreal and then the Kings of Leon are coming up and there's other shows coming up too. This whole saving money thing is clearly failing at life. lol.

Overall though, I'm doing well. I'm strangely excited about the seasons changing, though I'm still not excited for snow so let's not let that happen. I had to go shopping for grass seed last night and I forgot that I'm a creature in a foreign land when I walk into stores like Lowe's, Menards, Fleet Farm (or Farm and Fleet), Home Depot et cetera. Thankfully, there was a boy (cute btw) who saw my utter confusion and helped me out. He also helped me pick out grass seed because there are just short of two thousand different variations. No good. But success was had. Nothing like buying grass seed and light bulbs. Winning combination right there.

I'm thinking about dying my hair again. I dyed it red once and I since my hair is so dark it's a really dark red. Well, I'm thinking about doing it again but professionally this time. This might not happen because it would be a pricey excursion but I have to get my hair cut anyway so why not tack on another fun feature? I'm slightly kidding. But not really.

I'm not really sure what else to update with. Not much else has really happened. I'm at work right now and I have a meeting with a member of Academic Computing at 2. It's a Friday so I'm pretty sure we're going to try to make our 2 o'clock meeting last until 4:30...when we're both done. But, right now, it's just Abby and me in the office. My little corner of the world is decorated for Halloween. I have some candy sitting out for everyone, a list of inventory items (we're surplussing lots of stuff) and updated list of numbers and the next computers that are getting upgraded. Lots of paperwork really, as I've taken on a series of new jobs and assisting people with different things. Anything to fill up time really. Fridays are still pretty slow matter how much extra stuff I tack on. But, I'm pretty sure that's all I have to share. As always, I hope that this finds you well.
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